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It's never too late to start  learning a language!

We can take you from basic or no knowledge at all, to fluency in a short time.

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Does your staff travel abroad for work? Are you looking to gain a pay rise? 

We offer both group and one to one sessions for business professionals!

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A0-A1 Beginners

This course is meant for people who do not have any knowledge of the language or just a survival knowledge.

This course provides basic grammar, vocabulary to join a basic conversation which is achieved with exercises taken from books or from online sources, audios spoken by people of the designated language and practice dialogues. This will allow the student to gain confidence in reading, pronunciation, and writing, listening to short dialogues with simple wording, use greetings, and basic grammatical features.

At the end of the course you will be able to understand basic phrases, be able to introduce yourself or others, ask and answer questions about personal details, tell people what your job is and ask back to interact in a simple conversation.

A2-B1 Pre intermediate-Intermediate

This course is meant for people who have a basic knowledge of the language, therefore they need to improve their skills and gain confidence in speaking, reading, writing and listening. It is based on grammar tools, vocabulary, reading short stories, listening, writing, and speaking.

At the end of the course the student will be able to deal with most situations while travelling to the country where the language is spoken; describe experiences, events and give opinions or explanations; understand the main points of a conversation encountered at school, work or leisure.

B2- C1 Upper intermediate - Advanced

This advanced course is for people who are confident about their language skills but are looking to master the language and become fluent. 

The course looks at grammar rules but at a more advanced level, idiomatic expression, and with the help of newspapers articles, magazine extracts, you will build up a strong vocabulary. Audios will help you master your listening and speaking skills. You will be able to understand most written and spoken words, being an article or a book.

We also offer online tuition to everyone who wants to learn in the comfort of their home or office.

Classes are on Zoom, they are interactive, fun, dynamic and organised to meet the requirements and needs of the student. Advantages of having online classes are schedule flexibility, no hassle of commuting for the student, learn in your own environment, and no risk of arriving late to class! Classes are more productive and focused with virtual material sent beforehand or shared online.

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